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Low Voltage Electric Under Blanket


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Understanding and comparing technologies

eCare™ low voltage electric under blanket Other electric under blankets
LOW VOLTAGE DC (blanket is plugged into a power supply/transformer, current is down-stepped to DC from wall outlet) HIGH VOLTAGE AC (blanket is plugged directly into high voltage wall outlet)
21 Volt DC – 100% shockproof, eliminates harmful electromagnetic radiation 220-240 Volt AC
Low setting is extra low, high setting is close to human body’s natural temperature – which is very comfortable to sleep on! In most cases, low is still close to medium setting, and high setting is often ‘too hot’ for the user and is switched off after a short period of use
Low energy consumption: 60 watts maximum Low energy consumption: 60 watts maximum
Super thin element wire (cannot be felt when lying on bed) High voltage element wire (can be felt while lying on bed)
Made and quilted from soft 100% cotton exterior, polyester inner Typically made from polyester, not quilted
Machine washable and dry-able Washable
International safety standards approved – TUVgs, CE, UL Variable depending on manufacturer
24 month warranty 12 month warranty
Proudly made in Cape Town, South Africa In most cases, made in China
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2012 TV Advert – Introducing the eCare™ blanket

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A Safer, Healthier Way to Keep Warm at Night

The ECONO-HEAT eCare™ low voltage electric blanket uses 21 Volt and emits minimal electromagnetic field waves, making it a safe and healthier choice compared to high voltage electric blankets. The blanket is machine washable and is made of 100% cotton so that you can sleep undisturbed all night long. It is entirely non-hazardous and 100% shock proof (even if it comes into contact with liquids) which means that it is totally safe to sleep with the blanket switched on.

  • Safety first - 100% Shockproof
  • Machine Washable
  • Eliminates Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Low Voltage Technology
  • Exceptional Comfort And Quality  - 100% Cotton Exterior
  • Three heat settings – low, medium and high with two convenient off positions
  • Convenient boost button and auto reset to selected heat setting
  • Low setting is extra low, which provides a desirable setting for a comfortable all-night sleep
  • Turns off automatically after 10 hours if left on accidentally
  • Convenient user-selectable one hour timer – automatically switches off after falling asleep
  • Reaches 35°C/95°F, creating a naturally warm environment close to body temperature
  • Available in single, double, queen and king size
  • Easy-To-Fit – Fully adaptable elastic straps fit all size mattress heights and lengths
  • International safety standards approved
  • Two year warranty
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    eCare™ Low Voltage Electric Under Blanket

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