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eHeater™ Frequently Asked Questions

What type of heater is it?

An electric 
wall-mounted convection panel heater.

What is it made of?

A fibre-cement board 

How does it work?

Like a central heating system, it uses the principle of hot air rising, or convection heating, continuously drawing in cooler air to be heated. This very economic form of “background” heating is safe and efficient.

How economical is it?

It is probably the most economical heater on the market. Because the heater is of such a low wattage, it uses very little electricity. You can save up to 80% of electricity when compared to a 1500 Watt heater, generally used in households.

How can that be effective?

There is a constant circulation of hot air rising from a large surface area between the heater and the wall. There is also a constant flow of direct heat radiating from the front surface. These two forms of heating result in an effective and inexpensive heating system.

Is it safer for children and pets?

Yes! The panel heater has no exposed elements, no gas and has a safer, lower surface temperature. The fibre cement board of the wall panel heater has a heat transfer rate that is about 40 times slower than metal surfaces (low thermal conductivity).

What size room will it heat?

The 400 Watt heater has been specifically designed to heat an average size room of about 3m x 4m (12m²). You can add as many heaters as you like to heat any size room or home, creating a cost-effective central heating system.

Do I still need it if I have central heating in my home?

Indeed, the Econo-Heat wall panel heater can be used in conjunction with central heating installations to help you save on central heating costs. By using the Econo-Heat wall panel heater throughout the winter season, you can create heat more economically efficiently by reducing the usage and temperature of the  central heating system or by keeping it switched off for longer periods of time.

Can I paint it?

Yes, the panel heater can be painted with any household PVA paint to match any wall colour (no oil-based paints).

How do I install it?

Every heater comes with an Econo-Kit installation kit that includes the necessary hardware along with easy to follow 3-step instructions.

Does this product improve the health of our occupants?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater does not contain any health-hazardous materials. It is made of fibre-cement which is asbestos-free. The panel heater doesn’t starve the air of oxygen like most locality heaters such as bar, fan and gas heaters. Instead it heats the whole room effectively without drying out the air.

What international certifications does the wall panel heater have?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater complies with strict international safety standards such as the South African Bureau of Standards, TUV GS, NF, UL, Wakefields, the Israeli Standards Institute and the Korean Standards Authority.

What is the risk of burns to occupants?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is slim and compact and is out-of-the-way mounted to the wall. The panel is made out of non-flammable, non-combustible material. The heater’s surface temperature varies between 75 – 90°C. Although this may sound high, one has to keep in mind that all heaters have hot areas and some heaters reach much higher surface temperatures than the Econo-Heat wall panel heater. For example, oil-filled rib heaters reach surface temperatures far exceeding 100°C. Also, these types of heaters have metal surfaces reaching these high temperatures. If you touch a good thermal conductor (like metal) at 75 – 90°C with your finger, you are likely to burn a blister on your finger before you have a chance to pull it away. On the other hand, if you touch a poor thermal conductor (like wood or fibre-cement, the latter being the material that the Econo-Heat wall panel heater is made of) at the same temperature, you will not be able to keep your finger there, but you will pull it away before it can burn you. The reason is that because fibre-cement is a poor thermal conductor, not enough heat can transfer from the hot surface to your finger to cause injury.

How easy is it for occupants to use?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is a do-it-yourself product. It comes with a patented Econo-Kit installation kit and easy to follow 3-step installation instructions.

Does this product suit a particular type of house more than another?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is designed for domestic use, in offices, hostels, hospitals and similar applications. It can be fitted to either hard (brick) or dry (GIB) wall buildings.

How robust is this product for the social housing environment?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is wall mounted and out-of-the-way, unlike free standing locality heaters that can be knocked over and with cables that can be tripped over.

Is the product readily available if required to be replaced?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is stocked nationwide through various hardware outlets and it can be ordered online.

How long has this product been around for, what will it be like to replace in 10 years time?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater was invented in 1990 and has been on the market for almost 20 years. The manufacturer is supplying the product to 40 countries worldwide and is currently upgrading its production capacity to meet the growing demand for the product.

Where is it manufactured (distance traveled)?

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa and is exported to over 40 countries worldwide.

% of recycled material in its manufacture?

The raw fibre-cement panel contains wood pulp which is estimated to be about 15% of the material of the panel.

Is it made from a renewable resource?

The plastic components on the Econo-Heat wall panel heater can be recycled, as well as the cardboard packaging in which the products is shipped.

Is it manufactured in a responsible manner?

Yes. Econo-Heat is a manufacturer that places a high value and premium on sustainability, the environment and on its people.

Environmental impact

Econo-Heat is committed to ensure minimum environmental impact. This is not only demonstrated in the features of the company’s main product, the environmental-friendly, energy-efficient wall panel heater, but also in its manufacturing process. With the current upgrade of its manufacturing facilities taking effect in February 2010, the company introduces new production technologies that significantly increase the energy efficiency per unit manufactured. Also, dust pollution is significantly reduced and brought to a minimum level by reducing the creation of dust at the source and introducing modern dust extraction equipment. Other atmospheric pollution is being reduced by replacing gas and diesel-fired ovens with modern theology. Noise pollution is taken care of by enclosing all noisy operations with high-quality sound proof industrial enclosures. There is currently no ground or water pollution caused by Econo-Heat’s manufacturing process.
Is the packaging it comes in acceptable, will it produce waste we have to get rid of? The Econo-Heat wall panel heater is packaged in a plastic bag, inside a polystyrene protection buffer. This, again, is inside a fully recyclable cardboard box.

Can it be recycled?

Please see above

What is the expected life of the product?

If used correctly, the product should last for many years.

Can you give an expected % of the convection, radiation and conduction?

90% of the heat in the room is through convection which comes from the back of the Econo-Heat wall panel heater, while only 10% is radiated from the front of the panel.

Is the heater safe to mount near other household appliances, furniture and/or curtains?

Yes it is safe to mount near other household appliances such as TVs, stereos and other household appliances. We recommend a safe 20 cm gap. However, keep in mind that the wall panel heater should not be mounted behind curtains, furniture or under window sills, and preferably not mounted on exterior walls within a room.

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Customer Reviews

Assembly is Excellent | April 2010

Good day to whom it may concern. I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful product. The product is well designed and it is so user friendly to install. The installation guidelines is great and the polystyrene assembly is excellent.  Well done!!!!!! – Jannie Prinsloo

Greetings from New Zealand | April 2010

We are South Africans visiting our daughter who lives in New Zealand. She arrived home this evening with two panel heaters for her home – we were thrilled to see they were South African products. Being the resident handy man I was called upon to install them.Packaging – superb. Instructions – easy to read & everything clearly explained. Installation – a breeze, even into GIB® walls which we South Africans are not accustomed to. Using the polystyrene packaging as a template is very clever and your patented screws and driver worked like a dream. – All the best, Digby Benporath.

Amazing Service | June 2010

Amazing service from you guys – I asked a question on your website and received a return telephone call within 20 minutes!!!! How great is that?? Many other companies could take a leaf from your book !! Won’t mention names :) – Janetta Muller van Niekerk

Keeping the kids warm | June 2010

I don’t know why other organisations are unable to deliver the outstanding service that you have delivered, down to the finest detail, drill bit included, my 2 year old son was most appreciative for the extra warmth last night. – James from Investec

Thrilled customer | June 2010

I don’t know if you rely in any way on letters of commendation, but I would be amiss if I don’t thank you again for the amazing and professional manner with which you attended to the recent issue I had with one of your Econo-Heat wall panel heaters. It was absolutely inspiring and completely unexpected to find a company so willing and so eager to back up one of their products – especially considering this was not a quality defect, but a result of my own mistake! Your product is amazing and your service outstanding! In fact, I’ve already used you as an example to illustrate what a real ”can do attitude” is to my own staff and am completely convinced that it is how we do things that will ultimately separate the winners from the losers …. especially in times like these! Thank you again. And again. – Rein Myburgh

Cherry on the Cake | June 2010

I’ve just purchased and installed the wall panel heater, thanks very much for a good product, brilliant instructions and including a drill bit was just the cherry on the cake. Looking at your website I can now understand why your instructions is also professional. Keep it up and I will buy and recommend your products in the future. – Regards Andre Cloete

Facebook feedback: Speedy turn-around | July 2010

Fantastic!! I have got the new kit and am still spinning from the speed and efficiency of your company! Things down here on the coast are a little slow and its a welcome change to have such fab service! :) Thank you so much. – Claire El-Jabi Verdonk

Retailer relationships | July 2010

On behalf of our management team and Builders Warehouse Glen Eagles, we’d like to thank you guys a million for being  with us, for  helping us to improve peoples lives. We really appreciate it, and hope that we will keep holding hands helping the poor communities when necessary, it doesn’t end today it will be an endless relationship between Builders and Econo-Heat. THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS  for everything, for your time and your patience. – Khosi Makaula (PA to the Branch Manager)

Anonymous commenter | July 2010

These heaters are not very expensive. If this is the kind of service you are offering to the Joe-Nobodies of this world, I would love to do business with your company for years to come! Econo-Heat has shown to me what after-sales care is all about and through this act has ensured that I will always hold your company in the highest regard. Thank you again.

Drill bit included | July 2010

Dear Econo-Heat, I have just installed a 260 watt eHeater. And I would like to complement you on the provision of the 8mm masonry bit as part of the accessories – this service is highly considerate. Also a merit is the three-pin male plug – although the unit is double insulated and a two-pin plug would have sufficed, you once again took into consideration your South African clients. Much obliged. – Yours sincerely, Josh

Happily Retired | May 2011

Just bought and installed one of your panels. Astounded by the amount of thought that went into your product, its appearance, packaging, the instructive brochure (in many languages) and the fact you supplied all the components to attach the panel – including, most impressively, the drill bit. So impressed, in fact, that for the first time in my life I actually looked at the website of a company that had made a product I had bought and was most pleased to see that your company is truly South African. As an ex Product Planning Manager for a motor company I can appreciate such a well thought out product. Well done, hope you grow from strength to strength. Regards, Mike Clarke


Of all the electric heaters I have tried, this is my favorite. I first tried a couple, then bought several more. The Econo-heater uses only 400 watts, so does not trip breakers on a normal circuit. Yet it seems to heat as well as the bulky radiator-type electric heaters, and the noisy ceramic fan heaters, which will use up to 1500+ watts. It is low profile, fitting close to the wall. It is quick and easy to install, and just plugs into a normal outlet. Plus it can be painted to match a room’s decor. It heats both by radiation and convection, and is completely quiet when operating. It is mounted low on a wall and slightly away from the wall, so as it warms up it pulls cool air up from the floor, heats it, and by natural convection the warm air begins to circulate into the room. Also, it is very warm to the touch, so you can stand next to it and really warm up. You won’t want to touch it, but if you do it is not so hot it burns skin. If you mount it on a mass wall (brick, stone, adobe, even dry-wall) it will tend to heat the wall, too, over time. This stored heat in a mass material warms objects (like people) also by radiation, in addition to heating the air. I found out that this heater – the Econo-Heater – is made in South Africa, and has had a long R&D history there. It’s produced in an integrated factory, and this made me feel even better about the product. Recently I read a couple reviews about a look-alike heater called the “Eco-heater” which sounds like an inferior imitation of this product that people were unhappy with. So be sure you order the original “econo-heater”. Two caveats worth mentioning: This heater will not make up for a building with poor insulation (like mine). It has been very useful in bathrooms – but don’t hang your towels on it. Also, it has no thermostat, so it must be turned on and off manually. Still, I have found it to be the most cost-effective and aesthetic solution to small room heating I have discovered. – User: blackcat, HOME DEPOT ONLINE.


Bought one to keep the baby room nice and cozy, but so far we only had to use it a few times yet so it maybe too early to comment on quality/value. The panel was safely packed when it arrived and looked intact coming out of the box. Installation is not difficult but may require two people to asure proper level hanging. The drill size they recommend for pre-drilling is a bit on the tight side for the dry-wall screws and you may need to use one size larger to not destroy the drywall. Once installed and turned on the panel gets hot to the touch fairly quickly, but not enough to burn you. It certainly manages to keep the baby room at a cozy 73-74 F, allowing me to turn the heat in the rest of the house lower. -Patrick from Belmont, MA, USA.


Looked and compared 6 different brands of this type of heater before I bought this one. Works great and does what it says. I wish it was a little smaller. – User: Peopleschoice, HOME DEPOT ONLINE.

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